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Building Harmony BetweenTraditional Craftsmanship & Modern Design.

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About Mill City Lutherie

Lutherie is the trade of stringed instrument building. My name is Adam Meyer and in 1998, I made the decision that I wanted to build instruments rather than complete a college degree. While doing repairs in my city, I gave myself the assignment to build a few guitars from scratch. Both popular designs, and originals. I considered it my “degree” in building.


Over the years, I lent my personal instruments out to friends. In doing so, I opened myself up to many conversations where I was implored to build handmade guitars to sell.


The philosophy behind the instruments I build: The fundamental refinements are top priority. These refinements I often think of scientifically.  A vibrating string is giving off kinetic energy. For the greatest sustain, and quality of sound, the energy of the vibrating string must be transferred as efficiently as possible through all the various parts of the instrument. Frets seated flush to the fingerboard surface. Mating glue surfaces should be as flat as possible, with no stresses on seams that could hamper the transfer of vibrations. Neck joints fit perfectly, the bottom of neck heels, and the neck pockets are a crucial point of for efficient transfer. Fretwork perfected by hand to within one thousandth of an inch (0.001”).

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