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Hennepin.  Named for Father Hennepin, who explored North American, discovering Niagara Falls, and St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis, the only waterfall on the Mississippi River. 


The Hennepin model guitar is a set neck, two humbucker guitar.  Most brands have a variation of this style, which is one of the original electric guitar styles.


The Hennepin comes with a 1 ¾” thick body, consisting of a core wood, and a maple body cap (unless otherwise specified).  The cap is essentially flat, with some contouring around the waist and cut away.


The intent was to have a guitar with a sound reminiscent of the early incarnations of this style guitar, but with reduced weight without having to chamber out hollow portions of the body, which would change the sound.


The neck joint is a long tenon design that hides beneath the neck pickup. The neck is hand fit to perfection, not tight, not loose.


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