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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you make custom orders?

A:  It depends on a few factors.  What the customization in, and if I am able to complete the instrument in a timely manner.


Q:  How do I go about purchasing an instrument?

A:  All prices are set, and not up for negotiation.  If buying direct, you can simply email and state which instrument you would like to buy.  Only the instruments listed as available for direct sale will I be able to sell.  I will post all instruments currently for sale, even if they are being sold at a retail establishment.  You will have to work with that establishment for the purchase of said item.  When buying directly, buyer and seller can work out shipping and payment options that are most favorable to them.


Q:  Are your instruments warrantied?

A:  Yes, I warrant my instruments to the same level as other high quality brands.


Q:  What strings do you use, and how is the guitar set up?

A:  Unless otherwise requested, an electric guitar will come with D’Addario XL110’s (.010-.046) guitar strings.  I set my instruments up to play as comfortable as possible.  Super low action is not always desired by the average player, neither is high action.  Keep in mind, for a guitar to sound it’s best, and still play cleanly, there is not a huge difference in string height.  Nearly indiscernible differences in things like nut slotting can have a big impact on intonation.  So some aspects are set in stone, others have variation.  I just make them as easy to play as possible.


Q:  Can I request to have other hardware put on an instrument I would like to buy?

A:  Yes, with limitations.  I will not alter a completed guitar, or if I have passed a point in production where an alteration can not be compensated for, then no.  Example, a guitar with a traditional T style bridge can have a different brand of traditional style bridge put on.  Pickup of the same style can be swapped.  I will not do things like route a completed guitar to fit a different style pickup.  I also reserve the right to determine if a change in hardware is a downgrade.  I will not put "lesser" parts on my instruments.


Q:  Are your instruments serial numbered?

A:  Yes.  All have a serial number, located in a common place for that model.  All numbers start with the first two digits signifying the year of completion.  The remaining numbers are signify a sequential order of completion.  #003 is the third official guitar made by Mill City Lutherie.


Q:  Do I need to register my guitar for warranty?

A:  At this point in time, I am a one man operation.  I will warranty my instruments, but need you to contact me when you have purchased it.  If bought through a store, I may not be able to collect information as to who owns it.  I will never share any information given to Mill City Lutherie in regards to warranty registration.  That is considered private and will be treated that way.


Q:  I am curious about details of your process, or why you make something a certain way, are you willing to give details as to why?


A:  Yes, and no.  Some detail are simply to set myself apart, and thus rather inconsequential.  Others I would like to keep as a trade secret.

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