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Taconite Bass

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Taconite is an iron ore common to Minnesota's Mesabi Iron Range.  After World War 2 America turned to mining taconite which brought much prosperity to the north shore of Minnesota.


The Taconite series of basses are a bass intended for a wide range of musicians, yet are refined to maintain a high level of quality and performance.

Standard issues of the Taconite Bass come with ash as the body core, and maple for the main neck wood.  Top woods will most often be more subtle in appearance.  The neck construction will always have reinforcement bars, and a two way truss rod.

Sonically the intent of these basses is to have a fundamental darkness and clarity that many others lack.

The Taconite Bass is a modular design with a bolt on neck, and options for 5, and 6 strings.  Fretted and fretless as well.

Taconite Bass

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